Car parking at UNE has a daily cost. However, for the conference we have gotten UNE to wave this if, AND ONLY IF, you park in the Western car park.

The Western car park is at the Western end of the campus, beyond Agronomy (W23). Signs will be evident around the campus for the duration of the conference. Once in the car park, it’s a 5 minute walk back to the conference area, which is in W040 and W042. These buildings are at the end of the short run. If you park in the car park near here and do not buy a ticket you are likely to be booked and fined. So avoid the $120 disappointment and please use the Western car park.

AACS car parking ONLY in the Western Car park (indicated in red box). Conference rooms are in W040 and W042 indicated by the red circle.

We’d also encourage people to car pool. A bus will be laid on that will offer a limited (about 20-30 seats) pick up around town. So please plan how you intend to get out to UNE.