The University of New England

UNE was formed in 1938 as the New England University College, a College of the University of Sydney. The University became fully independent in 1954 and pioneered teaching to external students by correspondence, making UNE Australia’s most experienced provider of distance and now online education.

The Cotton Hub
The Cotton Hub at UNE was the result of discussion between UNE and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC). The Cotton Hub delivers cross disciplinary work on the issues affecting production of sustainable cotton. Find out more about UNE’s Cotton Hub.

UNE will host the AACS conference in Ocotber 2019. The conference will be located in lecture rooms within buildings W040 and W042, which is on the road Short Run on the University campus. Please note, UNE is located outside the city and is a 60 minute walk, 15 minute bike ride or 10 minute drive from most accommodation within the town.

Aerial view of UNE Armidale

University of New England’s Armidale campus