Given that the next AACS conference has been postponed, it is possible that some of our members with shorter projects will now miss the opportunity to present their work. To address the large gap between research conferences, we are running a program of webinars the an emphasis on providing an interim platform for our early career and student members.

Whilst this idea was partially inspired by the current social distancing restrictions, the intent for these webinars is to create a regular program for our members to share project work and interact with the broader membership.

View the seminar recordings:

December 2021: Tiemen Rhebergen of CSIRO discusses the Northern Territory’s cotton trials and APSIM-Ozcot modelling and validation relevant to northern Australia.

September 2021: Viv Rolland of CSIRO discusses machine learning and modelling of cotton leaf hairiness (a key trait involved in in yield and insect resistance).

July 2021: Duy Le of NSW DPI discusses the diversity of black root rot and Alternaria leaf spot pathogens of cotton.

June 2021: Jon Baird of NSW DPI considers the effect of irrigation and nitrogen management on modern Australian cotton cultivars.

May 2021: Heidi Kolkert of UNE reveals the value of bats to the cotton industry.

April 2021: David Perović of NSW DPI discusses the importance of benchmarking cotton sustainability indicators for water.

February 2021: James Latimer of CSIRO and ANU discusses the soil nitrogen preferences of commercial cotton.

December 2020: Claire Welsh of CSIRO discusses the potential of plant growth regulators in promoting resilience in variable rain grown cotton systems.

October 2020: Aphrika Gregson of NSW DPI discusses how she utilised GFP-tagged V. dahliae as a tool in the study of plant-pathogen interactions. Connect with Aphrika on Twitter.

September 2020: Dr Dean Brookes of UQ discusses how DNA biomonitoring is a rapidly developing field of modern genomics that makes use of recent advances in DNA sequencing technology, and some potential applications in agricultural systems.

August 2020: Dr Alison McCarthy of USQ discusses advances in using technology to assess cotton growth by analysing visual data.


If you are interested in presenting a seminar please contact AACS.