The Australian Cotton Research Conference is usually held biennially in odd years, however due to COVID-19, the next conference is planned for 2022.

2019 Taking cotton research to new heights (28-30 October, Armidale)

2017  ‘Cotton science delivering impact’ (5-7 September, Canberra)

  • Conference abstracts (3MB pdf)
  • ePosters
    • Brock et al: Cotton production in north-west NSW: climate change mitigation options
    • Gavrilenko et al: Cotton surface modification and functionalization
    • Iqbal et al: How to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds in genetically modified cotton?
    • Leo et al: Effect of cotton residues on N2O emissions and soil nitrogen following incorporation
    • Mak et al: Exploring modes of action of novel biopesticides: from model cell line to target insects
    • Molesworth et al: Optimising poultry litter management in cotton production
    • Remadevi et al: Swelling of cotton fibres by amino acid treatment
    • Welsh et al: Utilising plant growth regulators to develop resilient future cotton systems.

2015  ‘Science securing cotton’s future’ (8-10 September, Toowoomba)

2013  ‘Promoting inquiry, networking and collaboration in the Australian cotton research community’ (8-11 September, Narrabri)

See also the AACS awards presented at these conferences.

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