Tonia has made a remarkable impact through communication and enabled many people to visualise cotton science from a variety of perspectives.

This has involved exceptional collaboration skills and the ability to work with people from across multiple agencies, and most importantly, work effectively with scientists (which some people may describe as challenging).

Using a range of media Tonia communicates science to both industry and the general public. Developing video content since 2014, she has produced over 250 of the videos hosted on the CottonInfo YouTube channel which has to date received almost 3 million views.

Tonia played a significant role in documenting cotton production and management guidelines for Queensland’s dry tropics and has been coordinating editor for the Cotton Pest Management Guide since 2021. She also manages the BeatSheet blog website, encompassing pest-related information on both grains and cotton.

Tonia has also been a significant contributor to the Association of Australian Cotton Scientists, applying her creativity and skills to managing and creating content for the AACS website, and taking charge of the production of graphics, banners and videos seen during this conference.

Her efforts around extension and development of multimedia products have demonstrated innovation, collaboration, and genuine impact for Australian cotton science.