Brian came to Australia in 1970 from Africa where he had experience with cotton research. He began research on cotton in the Ord with Norm Thomson where there was research on cotton breeding and pest control. CSIRO later established an experienced cotton research team at Narrabri which involved Norm Thomson (breeding), Brian Hearn (agronomy and physiology) and Angus Wilson (entomology).

Brian became involved in many aspects of cotton research at Narrabri from 1975, particularly agronomy/crop physiology. He also became involved with pest management which led to the SIRATAC pest management system which included Ken Brook, Penny Ives, Angus Wilson and Peter Room. This provided additional information on pest management before transgenic traits became available. He also established the OZCOT computer model which became very useful in testing cotton cropping systems.

Brian has published many very insightful scientific papers and they are recommended for new scientists.

Brian said he had a rewarding and satisfying career.