As a technical officer with CSIRO for more than 25 years, Colin Tann conducted pioneering research with Dr Gary Fitt in the early development of transgenic cotton in Australia. He then went on to complete work with Dr Geoff Baker that underpinned stewardship for Bollgard II and Bollgard 3 cotton.

Colin and Geoff’s long-term dedication to understanding refuge performance and refuge productivity at a field and regional level, random mating in Helicoverpa, and Helicoverpa ecology continues to give cotton growers confidence that the Bollgard RMP is grounded in science and will continue to protect cotton crops for years to come. This work was recognised in 2015 when Colin and Geoff received the 2015 Cotton Seed Distributors Research of the Year award. Colin also made a substantial contribution to the Cotton Australia TIMS Committee by sharing his research outcomes with the TIMS Bt Technical Panel and commenting technically on a range of RMP-related issues.

Critically, Colin’s approach to research was always considered and collaborative, involving extensive cooperation with growers, consultants, and agronomists, particularly in the St George and Dirranbandi areas. Colin’s 20 plus years of field work with Gary and then Geoff have been integral in ensuring that the Australian cotton industry has the strongest stewardship of GM cotton in the world.